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Unique opportunity to boost your happiness and well-being during 1 weekend.

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Do you want to empower yourself to live a life full of bliss, health, joy and abundance? Do you search for something extraordinary which:

Has immediate huge positive effects on your life (private and professional)

Gives you a boost in motivation and clarity
Doesn’t focus on your mind
Is gentle and easy to apply to everyday life
Shows you how amazing you are

Experience Pure Benefits

19th and 20th of October 2019
Time: 10:30am – 6pm (incl. lunch break)
Venue: Bürgerhaus Bahnstadt, Gadamerplatz 1,
69115 Heidelberg, Germany

Contact: Susanne Ley, Empower your Life! |

why this Experience Pure Benefits Masterclass is exactly for you

You want to be fearlessly yourself
You want to create your dream life from which you don’t need any vacations
You would like to experience endless bliss, joy and health coming from within yourself
You like to discover your true self
Want to free yourself from chronic ailments (high blood pressure, low energy, etc.) and be fully healthy and joyful
Discover your true self

that are in it for you

Unique life experience

Individually facilitated by Master Yu and his wife (Program directors of Sundao; Integral Somatic Method) to support the development of each participant
Realization that the mind is causing our problems
Very positive influence on personal and professional environment (relationships, colleagues, etc.)
Paths the way to a healthy body, mind and soul

Immediate huge benefits during AND after workshop (bliss, peace, clarity, abundance, healing, joy etc.)

Establishment of a personal practice for everyday use
Practical method focused on body movement and breathing as well as partner exercises
Integrates Traditional Korean Medicine and combines western with eastern knowledge
Uses music as a way to facilitate the release of negative energy and beliefs
Bring clarity on your habitual unconscious repetition that causes pain, suffering, and inefficiency

of participants and partners

Ich nahm am Sundao Workshop mit Master Yu in Heidelberg im Jahr 2018 teil. Die gelungene Kombination aus Theorie, Meditation und Körperübungspraxis bot die Gelegenheit, einen Einblick in das System zu bekommen und die Energie und Wirkung zu erfahren und zu spüren. Susanne Ley hatte den Workshp gut organisiert. Sie kümmerte sich um die Teilnehmer, unterstützte bei Fragen und sorgte für eine sehr angenehme Atmosphäre in der Gruppe.

Annette W.

In 2018, I have attended the 2-day Sundao workshop with Master Yu in Heidelberg. I thought it is a good opportunity to become more relaxed and balanced. It exceeded my expectations by far. Before I did not believe that a single workshop has a great effect. But since the workshop, I am really much more balanced. In the workshop I especially enjoyed the combination of talks, physical exercises, and meditation. I have now the feeling of being much more connected with myself and my environment. And my health improved considerable since then. I would recommend the Sundao method to everybody.

Robert C.

We humans have unlimited potential in all aspects of life – in our relationships, in love, in our social lives, in business and so on. Most of us live according to certain rules, habits and norms, established long before we were born, or impressed upon us by current popular culture and social media. Rarely, however, does this bring us true happiness and satisfaction. It is in this context that Master Yu and SooJin have developed their unique Sundao method. With great efficiency, ISM (Integral Somatic Method) as it is also known, helps to unlock our full potential, giving us unlimited power to realise our dreams and goals. This method provides the missing element that the seeker, in search of that inner happiness, needs in order to start living a life in complete harmony, being their own leader, master and creator. Each seminar of Master Yu and SooJin is a small life where you find true love, meaning and great motivation. I thoroughly recommend it to all who are seeking true happiness and boundless possibilities, and who want to live without fear, with love and with a sense of complete freedom.

Ilia L.


Master Yu, Jae-Sheen and his wife SooJin Kim

Master Yu, Jae-Sheen (Co-Founder of ISM, Founder of Sundao) and his wife SooJin Kim (Violinist, Co-Founder of ISM), travelling teachers from South Korea

Master Yu, Jae-Sheen is known as one of the most innovative and dynamic meditation teachers, and author of books, including “Sundao – An invitation to mountain Daoist practice”.

After over 20 years of sharing his knowledge and meetings with thousands of people in the western countries, Master Yu created a groundbreaking well-being program, Sundao; ISM (Integral Somatic Method) with unique and complete re-interpretation on ancient Daoism, Buddhism and with the spiritual understanding of oriental medicine, which offers a practical solution for spontaneous healing and the embodied transformation of consciousness for individuals, society, and the planet.

Message to the participants:
“It’s such a great joy to share our love with countless people around the world and witness them to experience greater fulfillment in their lives. I am so grateful for this journey. Our inspiration is to empower everyone, as the master of their life to take responsibility for their own happiness. The most important value for my husband and me is ‘Pure Benefits to others and ourselves’. This is the profound awakening what we deeply realized through the intense period of meditation and trainings, so we keep it alive and real as we live it.”

For more information:

More about Master Yu and his wife SooJin Kim

Master Yu began his personal quest and spiritual journey at age 9, under the guidance of great teachers including his grandfather who taught him the value of inner qualities and genuine energetic leadership. During years of focused meditation and intense training, he was blessed with many profound experiences that led him to the “ultimate” experience, and he realized that the spirit of Inner Space is “Pure Benefits” to his own life and to the world. 

Also, he got clear understanding that all awakened people point to: We are not our body, mind, pain, and suffering, but rather, we are a manifestation of eternal presence, love, and consciousness.
After arriving in the United States in 1998, he opened practices in California and Arizona. He travels internationally, offering workshops, personal meetings and retreats to individuals and organizations. With his lively, enthusiastic teaching style, he illuminates the deeper principles and underlying wisdom of the ancient arts and philosophy. He lives in North Scottsdale, Arizona USA.

SooJin Kim is a co-founder of ISM, Integral Somatic Method, Inner Space Meditation and Inner Space Music. As a classically-trained violinist, her soulful music is dedicated to helping others to connect with their own hearts, where unconditional love and authentic power reside.
She believes music as a divine language to support people to explore new ways to live
healthier, happier, and more creative lives that fully express the beauty of individuality and create more harmony in this world we live in.
Her intense inward journey started after she had a serious injury while studying music in Germany. After trying all possible ways to recover herself including western and eastern medical support, she began to explore integrative ways of approach and discovered the ancient healing arts and meditations, which benefited her immensely. A profound inner transformation radically changed the way how she perceives her life and the world.
Since 1999 she has been sharing meditation, practical guidance and music throughout the world including United States, European countries and Russia. She travels internationally with her beloved husband, founder of Sundao Master Yu, Jae-Sheen.

Ley Susanne

Susanne Ley (Host)

Expert for Life Empowerment, Certified Facilitator of Sundao* (ISM), Yoga Teacher for Kids (KYA)

How can you find your true purpose in life? Do you know what really makes your heart sing? Two questions with which Susanne kept herself busy during the last 4 years.

More about Susanne ...

During her job as an IT project manager in the automotive industry she was searching for personal development classes and decided to attend a workshop called “Awakening to Wellbeing”.
Since then, her life changed tremendously in all kind of directions and most importantly she was much more balanced, happier and found out what her dream life is.
Since the beginning of this year, she started to embark on her own personal journey with supporting adults and children to empower them on their life path (own site under construction). She offers private coaching sessions and holds group workshops.
Once per year she hosts a workshop with the founder of Sundao, ISM in Heidelberg.

What do you embody, and is it aligned with what you most care about now?
Do you want to free yourself by understanding and transcending your mind and its patterns? Do you want to overcome stress, fear, loneliness and transform it into consciousness and inner joy?

In this practical Experience Pure Benefits Masterclass you will get a direct experience of your innate ability to live a magnificent, fulfilling life – to feel well in yourself with consistency, regardless of the circumstances.

Are you ready to experience extraordinary results in your life? Then this is for you!

to bring with you

Wear soft, flexible clothes

Fresh water

Blanket or flat supportive but firm mat

Please do not have a heavy meal before our practice

Who can participate?

Anyone at every age and condition who is in the need to reconnect with body, mind and spirit in a calm and easy way. The key of living a balanced life begins with getting in touch with your body and understanding its close connection to your mind and overall state of being.

Somatic meditation, energy awareness

What will we do?

  • Somatic meditation in embodied mindfulness
    (The Art of Breathing)
  • Internal energy alignment practice into consciousness
  • Series of mindful movements in energy awareness
  • Mindful caring in pairs
  • Yul-Ryeo
  • HangGong for Butterfly
  • Meditation with Energy Accumulation

and many more